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355352275349375... [25 Jun 2005|10:49pm]
Today has been a very worrying one for me. It started out alright...things looked to be going well, and after a long nap, Eva came by to take Nicole out for a little walk. It was nice to see her actually getting out and about. Despite all that's happened, I'd hate for her to be stuck indoors all the time. I love the kid, but I don't want her to have to cling to me like glue all the time, and reject the whole world.

I was searching for one of her earrings while she was gone...still can't find it, but while I was there, I got this call saying I had to go in and give a statement about Jackson...I thought 'oh, okay...weird, but okay. Anything to make sure the bastard was put away'. As it turned out, I had this freak with a weird facemask asking where Lana was! I don't even know, but he threatened Nicole, and that's not going down well.
Luckily, I have since got a friend on the case. I reckon this friend will be able to sort this out.

However, Nicole was acting...well, strangely when she got back. And it wasn't her fault...my thought is that somebody else did something. I've been forced to take a blood test, which is currently in the fridge for tomorrow's analysis.

I go into no detail here, and I've been forced to try and encrypt the message. I doubt the encryption will hold up, but hey. I've had enough. I think I'll just resign when all this shit's over...

-Darkling has signed off-

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=) [19 Jun 2005|01:34am]
Despite its initial beginnings, today worked out well.

Nikki had been staying over the night after some more trouble with her "Guardian". I couldn't turn my favourite person in the entire facility away. Anyways, back to today...it started out with me eventually convincing her to go to the hospital to get her sides checked out...they seemed a little painful to her. I found a hundred signs of damage on the scans, none of which were self-inflicted.
With much cajoling I got her to call the police, who were quick to arrest said Guardian.
Nikki then went to see Eva, and the two of them hit it off okay I think. Anyway, she's recruited herself as an interrogator. Nikki was frozen with fear at the prospect...but it happened. So did getting her kidneys patched up (she was in pain when peeing) and us getting Nikki's stuff from her old house.

Which was when the troubles started...I ended up getting into a dilemma. I didn't know how best to approach her...to comfort her, or to get her to pull herself together. She ran off and jumped into a swimming pool, and I nearly drowned trying to get her back (I can't swim =/ )...
Eventually, though, we made up =) I'm now her new guardian, and hopefully, despite this piece-of-shit cough I've got, I can be a good one.

I plan to take her clothes-shopping over the coming week. Spoil her rotten, hehe. Hell, a trip out to the hilly areas just outside'd be better than nothing.
I'm going to have to make the most of it, though. Once she's settled in I'm going to have to book myself in for a stint in the tank. I neglected to mention it before but some of the damn TB is still in my system, and it's coming out one way or another.

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A long six months [14 Jun 2005|04:54pm]
Why did I come back? Why in the name of Christ did I come back to this organ-grinder?

Who knows. It's one thing science cannot explain, and no psychologist could possibly fathom. But I am here once more, after six months of "relaxation" away from this place, I have returned.

First, a (very brief) run-down on where I've been languishing this past forever:

1) Ill with a freak case of Tuberculosis...how in God's name did I get that in MY profession? Luckily we aren't in the 1950's anymore, so I was actually able to get cured in a fraction of the time. 4 months.
2) Fatigue and lethargy, trying to recover from the catastrophic lung damage wrought by Tuberculosis. 1.5 months.
3) Got used to being off work, so I stayed off from general laziness. I NEVER get time off...I wanted to make the most of it. .5months.

Well, that's enough of that. If my Boss is angry, let him sue/fire me. See if I care. I'd like to see him get ANOTHER physician to do the same jobs I do with as good results. As it says on my resume, I'm the best there is.

I just got a message from Nikki...apparently she's been having a few problems. Hopefully she'll tell me them, get me up to speed.

Apparently, I've been given a partner in this place. o_0 I've never had a partner before. More strangely, she doesn't even do surgery. She's an army Lieutenant, and she's a counsellor/psychologist/psychiatrist/psychotherapist/advanced-thinking specialist. Yes. She's THAT intelligent, she gets five titles and 'specialist' tagged on the end. I get a bunch of letters tagged on the end of my name, and 'Dr' as a prefix. Her name's Eva Lee, and she kicked up a MAJOR fuss when they made her make a diary on NOVANet. I can't blame her...

Oh well. I'm already tired. Will stay on waiting for Nikki's reply, but I honestly can't be bothered boring every sad-act who's reading this with details of how bad TB is.

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